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## Challenge description
### Evaluation plan
The ALLIES project aims at catalysing the development of autonomous
lifelong intelligent systems by providing the community with scenarios,
evaluation plans and metrics to evaluate those systems.
ALLIES focuses on two tasks: speaker segmentation, and machine
translation. The speaker segmentation evaluation relies on a
new corpus of audio-visual documents (news, debates, talk show…)
from the French channel LCP.
The evaluation is coordinated by the LNE (Laboratoire national
de métrologie et d'essais, France), LIUM (Le Mans Université, France),
IDIAP (Switzerland) and UPC (Spain).
This evaluation plan defines the tasks to be benchmarked and includes
all necessary information to participants.
### Evaluation plan
See **ALLIES_evaluation_plan_V0.pdf** in this repository.
### The tasks
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