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## Baseline system
The LIUM Diarization system system is provided as baseline and to illustrate the integration of a diarization system within The
Lifelong learning processing loop.
The system relies on oepn-source Python modules such as :
* [SIDEKIT]( an open source framewok for speaker and language characterization
* [S4D]( SIDEKIT for Diarization developed at [LIUM](
* [evallies]( a python module specially developed top support research on lifelong learning human assisted speaker diarization
* [PyTorch]( a well known machine learning framework
### Description
LIUM baseline diarization system is based on previous publications
* Iberspeech
* Icassp submission
* s4d
* sidekit
### Installation
pip install evallies
## Integrate your system
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