Commit f012c3b4 authored by Anthony Larcher's avatar Anthony Larcher
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parent 4b07087f
......@@ -310,10 +310,12 @@ def perform_second_seg(model,
th_w = customize_threshold(scores, th_w)
# Run HAC clustering
print(f"Avant HAC : len(diar)= {len(initial_diar.unique('cluster'))}, min et max scores: {scores.scoremat.min()} et {scores.scoremat.max()}, th = {th_w}")
new_diar, cluster_dict, merge = s4d.clustering.hac_iv.hac_iv(initial_diar,
print(f"Apres HAC : len(diar)= {len(new_diar.unique('cluster'))}, min et max scores: {scores.scoremat.min()} et {scores.scoremat.max()}, th = {th_w}")
# Update the model names of i-vector
# reverse the cluster dict:
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