Commit f5d3d991 authored by Anthony Larcher's avatar Anthony Larcher
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parent 8d1b5fe4
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ def bic_linear_segmentation(init_diar, cep, model_cfg):
c = init_diar.filter('cluster', '==', spk)
if c.duration() > 50:
output_diar = s4d.segmentation(cep, output_diar)
output_diar = s4d.bic_linear(cep, output_diar, model_cfg['first_seg']['thr_l'], sr=False)
......@@ -847,6 +847,11 @@ def allies_init_seg(model, model_cfg, show, data_folder, verbose=False):
# Compute intersection of init_diar with UEM to speed up the process
uem_diar = s4d.Diar.read_uem(f"{data_folder}/uem/{show}.uem")
init_diar = s4d.Diar.intersection(init_diar, uem_diar)
# Run the first pass of segmentation"\t* run 1st clustering")
current_diar = init_clustering(init_diar, cep, model_cfg, model_cfg["model"]["vad"]["type"])
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