Commit 14f1672e authored by Anthony Larcher's avatar Anthony Larcher
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modif param name

parent 0a148e1e
...@@ -1821,10 +1821,10 @@ def extract_embeddings_per_speaker(idmap_name, ...@@ -1821,10 +1821,10 @@ def extract_embeddings_per_speaker(idmap_name,
# Create dataset to load the data # Create dataset to load the data
dataset = IdMapSetPerSpeaker(idmap_name=idmap, dataset = IdMapSetPerSpeaker(idmap_name=idmap,
data_root_path=data_root_name, data_path=data_root_name,
file_extension=file_extension, file_extension=file_extension,
transform_pipeline=transform_pipeline, transform_pipeline=transform_pipeline,
frame_rate=sample_rate, sample_rate=sample_rate,
min_duration=1.) min_duration=1.)
dataloader = DataLoader(dataset, dataloader = DataLoader(dataset,
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