Commit 176f4337 authored by Anthony Larcher's avatar Anthony Larcher
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Merge branch 'dev_al' of into dev_al

parents 6a35ac35 31911a3e
......@@ -507,14 +507,14 @@ class IdMapSetPerSpeaker(Dataset):
self.transform_number = transform_number
self.noise_df = None
if "add_noise" in self.transform:
if "add_noise" in self.transformation:
# Load the noise dataset, filter according to the duration
noise_df = pandas.read_csv(self.transformation["add_noise"]["noise_db_csv"])
tmp_df = noise_df.loc[noise_df['duration'] > self.duration]
self.noise_df = tmp_df['file_id'].tolist()
self.rir_df = None
if "add_reverb" in self.transform:
if "add_reverb" in self.transformation:
# load the RIR database
tmp_rir_df = pandas.read_csv(self.transformation["add_reverb"]["rir_db_csv"])
self.rir_df = zip(tmp_rir_df['file_id'].tolist(), tmp_rir_df['channel'].tolist())
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