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\documentclass[aspectratio=169,t, xcolor=table]{beamer}
% pdf2ps cm_parole.pdf;
% intro, codage + DTW: psselect -p 1-35,51-61-63 >
% DTW alone: psselect -p 1-19,35-47 >
% decode psselect -p1-47,51-74 >
% psnup -4 -H96mm -W128mm -m15mm -b6mm cm_parole_poly.ps4
%\pgfpagelayout{4 on 1}{a4paper,landscape}
% \usetheme{Hannover}
% \setbeamercovered{transparent} % or whatever (possibly just delete it)
\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{} % remove navigation symbols
\input ../macros.tex
\input ../macros_beamer.tex
\input ../mycolors.tex
%\TPshowboxestrue % commenter une fois fini
\TPshowboxesfalse % décommenter pour faire disparaitre les boites
\textblockorigin{10mm}{10mm} % origine des positions
% This is only inserted into the PDF information catalog. Can be left out.
\subject{Statistical Language Modelling}
\title[]{Statistical Language Modelling}
\author[]{Loïc Barrault}
\institute[University of Sheffield]
{ \\
University of Sheffield\\
%\date{09 janvier 2017}
% If you have a file called "", where xxx
% is a graphic format that can be processed by latex or pdflatex,
% resp., then you can add a logo as follows:
% Delete this, if you do not want the table of contents to pop up at
% the beginning of each subsection:
% \begin{frame}<beamer>
% \frametitle{Outline}
% \tableofcontents[currentsection,currentsubsection]
% \end{frame}
% If you wish to uncover everything in a step-wise fashion, uncomment
% the following command:
% tutorial TALN
% CM : SMT
% old stuff
%\input{mt_results.tex} % obsolete, results of 2007
%\input{mt_nlp.tex} % old
%\input{mt_asr.tex} % old
% and kill the abominable icon
\setbeamertemplate{bibliography item}{}
% \bibliographystyle{amsalpha}
% \bibliographystyle{plain}
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