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{\bf Natural Language Inference} \\[5mm]
\bf Projet Apprentissage Automatique en Langues \\
{\bf 2018/2019} \\[2mm]
\section{Project Description}
This project actually contains 2 tasks: sentence entailment (classification task) and sentence relatedness (regression task)
The task of sentence entailment (SICK-E) is to predict whether two sentences are \textbf{entailed}, \textbf{neutral} or \textbf{contradictory}.
The task of sentence relatedness (SICK-R) is to predict the \textbf{relatedness score} between two sentences. This score ranges from 0.0 to 5.0.
The goal of this project is to implement a machine learning model for SICK-E and/or SICK-R.
\section{Data Description }
Details for this dataset are available at the following address: \textrm{}
File format (tab separated):
{ \scriptsize
pair\_ID & sentence\_A & sentence\_B & relatedness\_score & entailment\_judgment \\
93 & A lone biker is jumping in the air & A man is jumping into a full pool & 1.7 & NEUTRAL
The provided files are described in Table~\ref{table:data}.
Name & File & \# Sent. pairs \\
Train & SICK\_train.txt & 4501 \\
Dev & SICK\_trial.txt & 501 \\
Test & SICK\_test.txt & 4928 \\
\caption{\label{table:data}Description of the data}
For SICK-E, systems are evaluated on classification accuracy (the percent of labels that are predicted correctly) for every sentence pairs.
We are also interested in the precision/recall scores for each class as well as a confusion matrix.
For SICK-R, systems are evaluated using the Pearson correlation coefficient: see scipy.stats.pearsonr.
\section{Project Roadmap}
\item Preprocess and prepare the training data
\item Train, optimize and evaluate a baseline deep recurrent neural network (RNN) using pytorch. \textbf{[one per group]}
\item Each student should propose \textbf{one} enhancement to the baseline model (additional data, regularization, network initialization, new architecture, etc.) \textbf{[one per student]}
\item Prepare the final defense: present your model and the obtained results
\item SICK webpage: \textrm{}
\item Conneau and Kiela, 2018 \textbf{SentEval: An Evaluation Toolkit for Universal Sentence Representations}
\item \textrm{}
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