Commit 23a4f57a authored by Sulfyderz's avatar Sulfyderz
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[Error Update]:Correcting the getFRFA method from DiarTools.

parent d91f2e42
......@@ -1078,11 +1078,11 @@ def getFRFA(diarHyp,diarRef,diarUem=None,tolerance=0.25,cluster="fillFRFA"):
h=(segPre.compute_components(reference=reference, hypothesis=hypothesis))
r=(segPre.compute_components(reference=reference, hypothesis=reference))
d['FA']=h['number of boundaries']-h['number of matches']
d['FR']=r['number of boundaries']-h['number of matches']
d['FA']=int(h['number of boundaries']-h['number of matches'])
d['FR']=int(r['number of boundaries']-h['number of matches'])
if d['FA']<0:
if d['FR']<0:
d['MATCH']=h['number of matches']
d['MATCH']=int(h['number of matches'])
return d
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