Commit 12bf4587 authored by Gaëtan Caillaut's avatar Gaëtan Caillaut
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fix imports

parent d1b2b251
from .attention import *
from .embeddings import *
from .modules import *
from .configuration import *
from minibert.modules import AttentionType, PositionEmbeddingType
from minibert.attention import AttentionType
from .embeddings import PositionalEmbeddingType
__all__ = [
......@@ -22,7 +23,7 @@ class MiniBertConfiguration:
self.position_embeddings_count = kwargs.get(
"position_embeddings_count", 1024)
self.position_type = kwargs.get(
"position_type", PositionEmbeddingType.TRAINED)
"position_type", PositionalEmbeddingType.TRAINED)
self.normalize_embeddings = kwargs.get(
"normalize_embeddings", True)
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