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* CSEDU-2019
Resources and annexes for the paper "[[file:tex_draft.pdf][Towards Visual Explorations of Forums' Collective Dynamics in Learning Management Systems]]" submitted at CSEDU 2019
** Images
The images in the paper are sometime small. We offer high enough resolution images to see the details.
*** Figure 1, [[file:images/evolution.png][link]]
Illustration of how the strength of actors' ties (or links) varies as a function of time and topic overlap. Thread 1 corresponds to actor-topic dynamic (\ref{eq:1a}) where $B$'s late post after $A$'s \nth{1} publication does not correlate strongly enough to create the link from $A$ to $B$. But $A$'s \nth{2} post is timely enough, although not exactly on the same topic as $B$'s message, to create the tie $A \dashrightarrow B$ drawn as a dashed arrow. In thread 2, in addition to the tie $B \dashrightarrow A$, we have a topic overlap and time proximity between $C$ and $A$. This makes a the strong tie $A \to C$.
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