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## update 5 May 2019
I'm very please to annonce that my paper won conference's best student paper award.
I will very shortly (in the week) upload here the code that enabled us to do the data extraction and the visualizations seen on my [prototype site](
Thank you
# Table of Contents
1. [CSEDU-2019](#org14dd6bb)
1. [Images](#org21e760d)
1. [CSEDU-2019](#org11e87c6)
1. [Images](#org7aaa272)
2. [Code](#orge31e9d0)
1. [Hangout chats:](#org123942e)
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# CSEDU-2019
Resources and annexes to the paper **"[Towards Visual Explorations of Forums' Collective Dynamics in Learning Management Systems](tex_draft.pdf)"**
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## Images
......@@ -74,3 +70,29 @@ The images in the paper are sometime small. We offer high enough resolution ima
At the top (a) is half of compound yearly actor-actor network. The three bottom images (b), (c) and (d) are closeup around actor 642 during the quarters of the year.
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## Code
The images above have been generated using code that ressembles closely the one below.
It is mainly code to preprocess the data files that will then be processed in d3.js.
The exemples of visualisations are accessible online at this adresses (<span class="timestamp-wrapper"><span class="timestamp">&lt;2019-05-22 mer.&gt;</span></span>):
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### Hangout chats:
Visualizations on <>
1. Moodle visualization:
Visualizations on <>
2. Coursera
Use the file <Code/SNA-Coursera17/> folder to scrape the data from a Coursera course and then wrangle the data to make the visualisation.
The visualisation requires graph<sub></sub>
Check the <Code/SNA-Coursera17/>
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