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title = {Open Learner Models, Trust and Knowledge Management for Life Long Learning},
pages = {1019--1019},
booktitle = {Companion Proceedings of the The Web Conference 2018},
author = {Garlatti, Serge and Gilliot, Jean Marie and Kieffer, Sacha and Eneau, Jérôme and Lameul, Genevieve and Serrano-Alvarado, Partricia and Skaf-Molli, Hala and Desmontils, Emmanuel},
date = {2018},
title = {Observation of Collaborative Activities in a Game-Based Learning Platform},
volume = {4},
issn = {1939-1382},
doi = {10.1109/TLT.2011.1},
pages = {98--110},
number = {1},
journaltitle = {{IEEE} Transactions on Learning Technologies},
author = {Marty, Jean-Charles and Carron, Thibault},
date = {2011-01},
title={Le th{\'e}or{\`e}me du perroquet},
author={Guedj, Denis},
publisher={Le Seuil}
location = {Baltimore, Maryland, {USA}},
title = {{LDAvis}: A method for visualizing and interpreting topics},
......@@ -433,7 +433,7 @@ see = {eiah,performance}
, see = {token,lsa,tal}
\newglossaryentry{token izer}{name = \emph{tokenizer}
\newglossaryentry{tokenizer}{name = \emph{tokenizer}
, description = {action de séparer en token}
, see = {token,lsa,tal}
......@@ -734,8 +734,8 @@ see = {coursera}]
\newacronym[description = {Graphique vectoriel résumé en un ensemble de points et de fonction mathématiques reliant ces points, ou remplissant des zones qu'ils définissent, \emph{Scalable Vector Graphics} en anglais},
longplural=graphique vectoriels]
{svg}{SVG}{graphique vectoriel}}
longplural={graphiques vectoriels}]
{svg}{SVG}{graphique vectoriel}
\newacronym[description={\emph{Social Network Analysis (SNA)}, analyse statistique d'un graphe qui modélise le réseau social},

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