Commit 50694289 authored by Florent Desnous 's avatar Florent Desnous
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removed the duplicate argument 'nCn' in function...

removed the duplicate argument 'nCn' in function HCIQ(nCb,nDb,nCn,nCn,nSn,nV,cb=12,db=5.1,cn=12.7,sn=7.6,v=0) 
parent 5c6ff3ac
......@@ -670,7 +670,7 @@ def humanCorrectionsToDo(diarHyp,diarRef,diarUem=None):
return dictToReturn
# Returns the HCIQ value
def HCIQ(nCb,nDb,nCn,nCn,nSn,nV,cb=12,db=5.1,cn=12.7,sn=7.6,v=0):
def HCIQ(nCb,nDb,nCn,nSn,nV,cb=12,db=5.1,cn=12.7,sn=7.6,v=0):
return nCb*cb+nDb*db+nCn*cn+nSn*sn+nV*v
# Returns the matching segments with a given segment, None otherwise
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