Commit b41749b1 authored by Sulfyderz's avatar Sulfyderz
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[Error Update]:Correcting the cutBigSegmentLowEnergy method in

parent 098aa0e2
......@@ -1581,7 +1581,7 @@ def cutBigSegmentLowEnergy(diar,cepstrum,maxSegSize,securityMarginSize,winSize=1
# Computes rolling mean and std in the window of size win, gets numpy array
# Mean and std have NAN at the beginning and the end of the output array
df = pd.DataFrame(cepstrum)
r = df.rolling(window=int(win/2), center=False)
r = df.rolling(window=int(winSize/2), center=False)
mean = r.mean().values
for i in diar:
if i.duration()>maxSegSize:
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