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#general load WAV
begin = 0.0 #start reading the analysed signal after this time (in seconds)
duration = 60*2 # duration of the analysed signal (in seconds) ou None.
begin_ref = 0.0 #beginning of the reference signal for computing cosine distance between clusters (in seconds).
end_ref = 0.05 #end of the reference signal for computing cosine distance between clusters (in seconds).
NFFT = 2 ** 11 #(> 2**10) duration of analysis window in samples for feature extraction only.
STEP = NFFT / 2 #(>2**6) et (STEP < NFFT) 50% overlap between time windows / also sub-frequency after analyzing spectral structure.
#dimensionality reduction synchronisation on downsampled time (mean aggregate function)
onset = 'manual' #onsets that are extracted: no (regular onset extraction), 'onset' (onset extraction) 'beat' (beat extraction), 'manual' (manual annotations of onsets)
onset_percu = False #extract onsets on percussive part of the signal. Also create percu and harmonic wav files.
onset_plot = True
feat = ['chroma', 'spectral'] #feat = ['spectral', 'chroma', 'cepstral']
#compute spectral features: centroid, flatness, rolloff (5, 25, 50, 75, 95), contrast
#compute chroma featues: N_OCTAVES chroma + N_OCTAVES Dchroma
#compute cepstral featues: 20MFCC + 20DMFCC
opt_tuning = False
cluster_method = 'fixed' #method for searching for cluster number: fixed (fixed nb of cluster), max (find the right number in a range), evals (find the right number using eigen values) silhouette, davies_bouldin, or calinski_harabaz (find the right number with these methods)
cluster_nb = [6,8]#[3,4,6,8] #if method == 'fixed'
cluster_max = 10 #if method == 'max'
cluster_dist = True # add cosine distance between clusters on final plot
cluster_nb_max = 5 #maximum nb of clusters in 1 sec.
norm_density_win = 60 #duration in sec. for sliding normalization of density
alpha = 0.6 # coefficient for counting which chromas energy overpass this threshold (alpha * max)
plot_simi = False
plot_struct = False
plot_dist = False
plot_features = True
timestamps = True
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