Commit 49dcc060 authored by Valentin Pelloin's avatar Valentin Pelloin
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correction du bug 'multiprocessing.pool.MaybeEncodingError' au niveau de la PMI (en théorie)

parent 60cdeeee
......@@ -2,5 +2,6 @@ from .core import svd2vec
from .window import WindowWeights
from .utils import Utils
from .files_io import FilesIO
from .temporary_array import TemporaryArray, NamedArray
__all__ = ["svd2vec", "WindowWeights", "Utils", "FilesIO"]
__all__ = ["svd2vec", "WindowWeights", "Utils", "FilesIO", "TemporaryArray", "NamedArray"]
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ from tqdm import tqdm, tqdm_notebook
from .utils import Utils
from .window import WindowWeights
from .temporary_array import TemporaryArray
from .temporary_array import TemporaryArray, NamedArray
class svd2vec:
......@@ -251,14 +251,24 @@ class svd2vec:
# pointwise mutal information
slices = Utils.split(list(self.vocabulary), self.workers)
pmi_list = Parallel(n_jobs=self.workers)(delayed(self.pmi_parallized)(slice, i) for i, slice in enumerate(slices) if slice != [])
pmi_name_list = Parallel(n_jobs=self.workers)(delayed(self.pmi_parallized)(slice, i) for i, slice in enumerate(slices) if slice != [])
pmi_array_list = [NamedArray.from_name(array) for array in pmi_name_list]
pmi_list = [named_array.get_matrix() for named_array in pmi_array_list]
pmi = np.concatenate(pmi_list, axis=0)
del pmi_list
[named_array.delete() for named_array in pmi_array_list]
return pmi
def pmi_parallized(self, slice, i):
# returns a small matrix corresponding to the slice of words given (rows)
pmi = np.zeros((len(slice), self.vocabulary_len))
# python processing api does not works with big arrays, so we store the array to the disk and we return it's name
array = NamedArray.new_one(shape=(len(slice), self.vocabulary_len), dtype=np.dtype('float64'))
pmi = array.get_matrix()
self.weighted_count_matrix_offset = self.vocabulary[slice[0]]
self.weighted_count_matrix = self.weighted_count_matrix_file.load(size=len(slice), start=self.weighted_count_matrix_offset)
......@@ -268,8 +278,11 @@ class svd2vec:
i_context = self.vocabulary[context]
pmi[i_word, i_context] = self.pmi(word, context)
del pmi
del self.weighted_count_matrix
return pmi
def ppmi_matrix(self, pmi):
# positive pointwise mutal information
......@@ -476,8 +489,9 @@ class svd2vec:
positive : list of string
positive : list of string or string
Each word in positive will contribute positively to the output words
A single word can also be passed to compute it's most similar words.
negative : list of string
Each word in negative will contribute negatively to the output words
topn : int
......@@ -504,6 +518,8 @@ class svd2vec:
# Output the most similar words for the given positive and negative
# words. topn limits the number of output words
if isinstance(positive, str):
positive = [positive]
if not isinstance(positive, list) or not isinstance(negative, list):
raise ValueError("Positive and Negative should be a list of words inside the vocabulary")
if positive == [] and negative == []:
......@@ -23,8 +23,48 @@ class TemporaryArray:
shape = (size, self.shape[1])
offset = start * self.shape[1] * self.dtype.itemsize
#print("On me demande de charger ", shape, " ", offset)
return np.memmap(self.file_name, shape=shape, dtype=self.dtype, mode='r+', offset=offset)
def close(self):
class NamedArray:
def __init__(self):
def new_one(shape, dtype):
instance = NamedArray()
instance.shape = shape
instance.dtype = dtype
sshape = "_".join((str(e) for e in shape))
sdtype = str(dtype) = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile().name + '_' + sshape + '_' + sdtype
m = np.memmap(, shape=shape, dtype=dtype, mode='w+')
del m
return instance
def from_name(name):
if not os.path.isfile(name):
raise ValueError("File name '" + name + "' does not exists.")
instance = NamedArray() = name
splitted = name.split('_')
instance.dtype = np.dtype(splitted[-1])
instance.shape = (int(splitted[-3]), int(splitted[-2]))
return instance
def get_matrix(self):
return np.memmap(, shape=self.shape, dtype=self.dtype, mode='r+')
def delete(self):
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